Open-source Projects

Church Theme Content Integration

This is a project designed to provide integration between the Church Theme Content WordPress plugin, and other church-related service providers. It currently supports synchronising people records from a Fellowship One account. For more information see our documentation, or view the project on Github.

The Digital Slice

The Digital Slice aims to be useful tool in providing information about post-production software for the digital media community. This project was commissioned by Salt Media, and implemented in partnership with Jordesign which provided the front-end design work. This site was custom-built using the Symfony PHP framework, as well as Doctrine ORM in conjuction with MySQL to handle database storage and interaction. The survey results page provides multiple filtering options, requiring significantly complex custom database queries.


After her stellar performance on Channel 7′s X Factor program in 2012, Semaema inspired the nation with her story of courage in the face of difficult circumstances and ill health. Following this, we were proud to provide her with a website that show-cased her talents, as well as her personal story. Credit also goes to Salt Media for providing the exceptional banner image.

Illawarra Missions Day

The Illawarra Missions Day is an annual Christian event aimed at getting people excited about global Christian mission. They required a website, firstly to inform the public about the event, and secondly to provide online registration for smooth event organisation. Credit to Elle Silva for the fantastic design work on the background and banner image.